Why Healthcare Should Cooperate with IT

Why Healthcare Should Cooperate with IT
Jan 27

As a rule, innovation in Healthcare is generally connected to the provision of new services or the advent of a new technology such as new medications, medical procedures, or mHealth opportunities. 


Innovations in IT have made it possible to reduce the overall costs of healthcare while simultaneously improving its quality. Striking the right cost-quality balance is the goal which currently fuels competition among healthcare providers.


Here are some of the domains in which cooperation between Healthcare and IT proves especially fruitful: 


1. Product Development

Gadgets which help users control or monitor changes to their health are one of the most notable features of the mHealth market today. While each sport bracelet, heart sensor, and blood pressure gauge produced by a startup represents a potential breakthrough in the way we think about health, we can’t help but note that many of these products initially suffer from bugs and other issues. Conducting hardware and software testing at an early stage could greatly reduce the number of problems effecting new mHealth products, and at the same time bolster investor confidence. 


2. IT Outsourcing

In the current market, it’s commonplace for Healthcare organizations to outsource software development to specialized IT companies. By contracting out development work, healthcare organizations save the time they would have spent on hiring an in-house development team, and the money they would have spent on that team’s salaries. The upshot is that Healthcare firms can devote more time and energy to what they do best--hardware ergonomics. 


3. Accountability

While a mHealth startup may initially be concerned with fund-raising, it’s important to remember that medical expertise is vital for the firm’s ultimate success. That’s why we suggest a clinician be appointed to the board of every Healthcare, IT, or Digital Health Company in the role of medical or non-executive director. 


4. Data Protection

As internet-connected devices and tools like fitness bands, hospital portals, and electronic health records continue to grow in popularity, protecting user or patient data poses an ever greater challenge. This is especially true when Protected Health Information, or PHI, is at risk. In order to protect Healthcare data, software development should be entrusted to reliable IT companies with a proven security tax record. 


Archer Software supports many Healthcare organizations by helping them manage their data assets. Our services include: 

  • DB Design and Architecture

  • DB Deployment and Setup

  • Converting (Data Migration) non-SQL and SQL DBs, 

  • DB Search Optimization

  • Drill-down and Other BI Algorithm Design

  • Big Data Processing and Analysis

  • System and Business Analysis

  • DB maintenance and other Services


To find out more about how Archer Software can develop the most appropriate software solutions for you, reach out to our experts at info@archer-soft.com.

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