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Oct 07
Cryptocurrency Expansion: Examples and Predictions
The words blockchain and cryptocurrency have become ingrained in the lives of traders and investors all around the globe. Though the audience interested in cryptos has been a mixed bag for a decade or so, today cryptocurrencies receive the attention of mainstream media. Both institutional and retail investors are actively investing in crypto.
Sep 29
Women in eDiscovery SoCal Tech Conference in California
Meet Archer Software at the Women in eDiscovery SoCal Tech Conference in California! Want to visit an event devoted to cutting-edge IT technologies? Interested in learning something new and getting in touch with insightful professionals?
Sep 27
how to launch automotive startup
We have accumulated our experience in designing, building and launching more than 500 software solutions to create a webinar on how technologies can pivot, accelerate or ruin any automotive startup's way to conquering the market. In the recording, Alex Sharko, COO of Archer, talks about the cases of our clients to cover the following:
Sep 25
 Online Finance Service Application
We live in an age where the global economy is better than ever. Yet, some people are still struggling to survive and facing continuous financial hardship. It can be nearly impossible for them to break free of their financial chains and get access to quality services, including banking, financial, educational and others.  
Aug 28
Internet Trends Overview for 2019
Today, it’s impossible to imagine doing business without the Internet. According to the latest report on 2019’s Internet trends by venture capitalist Mary Meeker, the number of Internet users reached 3.8 billion, which is more than half of the world’s population. The report revealed some interesting data – while eCommerce is still on the rise when compared to physical retail, its growth rate in mature markets is slowing.
Aug 15
How to Build Successful Products
If you are thinking about how to start a business, there are two ways. The first and the correct way is to find out whether people need a product and how much they are willing to pay for it. The second and dubious way is to develop a product, launch sales and hope that someone buys it.    Obviously, the first method to set up a company involves a substantial investment of your time. But it’s better to do this before you invest even a dollar in your project, so that later you don’t suffer because of money spent, wasted time and unfulfilled ambitions.  
Jul 29
Telemedicine’s Most Successful Apps
Telemedicine, or telehealth has been steadily growing within American healthcare over the past decade, yet it is still evolving compared to standard care systems and well-established services and technologies. This study from JAMA revealed that telemedicine was steadily growing between 2005 and 2017 within insured US population and in 2018 there was a rapid increase in growth for primary care telemedicine. In 2016 and 2017 after coverage for direct-to-consumer telemedicine expanded.  
Jul 25
Top 10 Apps for Doctors and Medical Students
In medicine, innovations are always perceived with caution, because we are dealing with people's life and health. Therefore, doctors are often skeptical about everything that does not fit into the usual pattern of diagnosis and treatment, and solutions such as medical apps for doctors cannot always be trusted as well. In any case, this opinion has the right to exist.