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Jan 30
7 Tools for Healthcare Data Management
Healthcare data management has been a pressing challenge for years, yet there’s still a lot of work to be done in order to make healthcare data integration a fluent process.
Jan 30
7 New Healthcare Technology Trends
Although healthcare providers adopt new technologies at a slower pace than other businesses, one would hardly dispute the growth of new digital technologies in that sector. Nowadays, modern healthcare industry trends are available in various forms. They include security tools, advanced data collection methods, and more. All of them intend to increase the quality of patient care and provide high-quality assistance to all types of consumers according to their needs.
Jan 27
How To Get HIPAA Сertification for Medical Mobile Apps?
What is HIPAA certification and what is the background for it? Why HIPAA certification for Medical Mobile Apps is that necessary? How to get HIPAA certification? How to make sure that health information is 100% secure? What you should take into consideration if you deal with m-Health App Development? All these questions boggle the minds of software vendors and healthcare providers. Here we’ll try to answer these questions and explain the features of GDPR / HIPAA (HSS) certification process.
Jan 23
Apple Watch App Development: Tips and Tricks
Limitations for Apple Watch App developers While the Apple Watch has strong potential to become a revolutionary product that changes our daily lives, creating apps for watchOS is still provides challenges for developers to complain about. #1. Apple doesn’t share their framework One of the reasons iOS became such a success is that back in its second year, developers got the access to the native framework that Apple uses. After this access, the development of iOS apps took off and has grown into what it is today.
Nov 15
Digital Health Software Precertification (Pre-Cert) Program
US healthcare system is heavily controlled both on federal and national level. Medical devices and software are subject to certification against stringent requirements laid down by regulatory agencies. Certification process is time and resource consuming that is why the recent announcement of software Precertification Program by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) got a lot of play. How great will be the changes and will they be really business-friendly?  
Sep 30
Medical Data Integration – the Problem Is Still Here
Healthcare industry is technology-focused and eagerly adopts the most cutting-edge technologies. The adopted technologies are aimed at cutting costs, advancing care, and improving outcomes. Yet, they also bring with them new problems to be solved. We’ll discuss some of the challenges related to new technologies, which healthcare providers and facilities have to overcome.  
Sep 14
7 Hot Fintech Industry Trends for 2018
Every year new technologies emerge in the marketplace and the most prospective ones loom large to give business more opportunities. FinTech is deemed to be one of the most technologically advanced industries and can be regarded as a testbed for global innovation.
Sep 12
How to Integrate With the Open Banking Ecosystem?
 Open banking is a financial services term. In terms of financial technology it refers to:    -   The use of Open APIs that enable third party developers to build applications and banking services for financial institutions.