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Jun 20
How To Implement Driving Speed Limitations?
It’s a matter of common knowledge that speeding while driving is one of the top factors contributing to accidents on roads both in cities and on suburban highways. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data, in 2016, speeding accounted for 10,111 fatalities – more than 27 percent of all traffic deaths that year. In 2017, speeding killed 9,717 people, accounting for more than a quarter (26%) of all traffic fatalities that year.
Jun 13
Malta AI&Blockchain Summit
At the end of May 2019, our team was excited to take part in one of the largest global events devoted to AI, Blockchain and other emerging technologies - the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit. The two-day event welcomed an impressive 5500 participants from all over the world enabling the intensive opportunities for all AI and Blockchain enthusiasts.   After enormous success in 2018, this year AI & Blockchain Summit amazed our team on a whole new level:
Jun 01
Visual Search Engine
Over the past decade, the search engine industry has been able to cover great strides in its development. Today's businesses can fully enjoy the benefits of personalization, the development of natural language processing technologies, and multimedia search. However, the potential of visual search, taking into account the role of images in our lives and in business, is still not fully recognized.  
May 30
Driver Behavior Software
It’s no secret that driving behavior is a key element of safety on the road. Good driving behavior means the safety of drivers and passengers. In terms of commercial fleets, it means the safety of goods and vehicles as well. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data, 94 percent of serious crashes are due to dangerous choices or errors drivers make.  
May 23
Build a Car Sharing Application
The world economic model gradually ceases to pursue the goal of maximum consumption and changes the development vector in the direction of sharing. The main idea of ​​this philosophy is that it is much more profitable to use one thing together. Car sharing is a classic example of this approach. If earlier this idea could be implemented only within a small group of people who have the ability to communicate quickly (for example, neighbors), then today everyone can take advantage of this opportunity.
May 21
Artificial Intelligence in Your Business
The future, where interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) is commonplace, inspires and scares at the same time. The futurist thinks about how to make life easier for the person, while the average worker is worried about how he will earn money if a robot replaces him in the workplace. And you, being a business owner, are surely thinking how to extract the maximum useful effect for customers and companies, using artificial intelligence latest developments.
Apr 30
Outsourcing is no longer a new concept. For more than two decades already, the pros and cons of outsourcing have been weighed and analyzed. Time and time again, the biggest issue is mismanagement. To avoid this, the responsibilities of every member of an outsourced team need to be set in stone during the first phase. A lot depends on the cooperation model chosen. The most popular models are: project based, dedicated team and outstaffing.
Apr 25
Archer is announcing the launch of a new educational project – Archer IT Academy. This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your knowledge in the development process, to learn through practice with highly qualified specialists that have many years of experience, and to receive technical support from mentors. The course is led by some of the best Archer Software experts and IT Academy teachers, Roman Abolmasov and Dmitry Sadchikov. Both leaders participated in the development of the training for the academy.