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Apr 01
10 GDPR Implementation Steps for Complete Compliance
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect in the European Union (EU) since May 25, 2018. Many enterprises think they’ve done everything to eliminate any GDPR-related problems, and that they have the policies under control. Many companies in the U.S. assume the GDPR doesn’t have any influence on their business. Is that really the case? Here’s what you should know about the GDPR if you conduct business in Europe.  
Mar 28
How to Build Fleet Management Software
Imagine you’ve hired a new driver, assigned a car for him and now he’s out on the road.  After a month, however, he tells you the car works poorly, the acceleration is sticky, and the steering wheel requires maintenance. How could that be possible? After all, when you assigned it to him, the car had passed the technical inspection. In order to avoid any miscommunication with drivers and properly organize, manage, and coordinate your work vehicles, you should use fleet management software.
Mar 25
Top Blockchain Programming Languages and Why You Should Use Them for Projects With the Highest Security Demands
In code we trust! This motto characterizes the most consistent supporters of distributed registry and cryptocurrency technologies. The main goal of the idea is to remove the army of security intermediaries and replace them with program code. Successful Bitcoin blockchain examples prove this is possible. The blockchain algorithm makes it virtually invulnerable to hacking. In this article, we have compiled a list of blockchain programming languages and explained why they are used to obtain the highest levels of security and safety.  
Mar 17
Should you create a custom GPS vehicle tracking system?
When it comes to getting fleet management software for your company, there are a few important options to consider. However, before you get too far into your research you need to decide what kind of software you’re looking for. You can either buy an off-the-shelf solution from a third-party vendor or develop a custom tool. While buying a ready product is “hassle-free” and cheaper, building a tracking system from scratch might be preferable to truly fit your needs. Here are some reasons to decide in favor of custom development.
Mar 14
How to Build a Dual Camera App
Technological advancements have made swift progress recently and allow people do things they couldn’t even imagine a couple of years ago. New technologies save lives, facilitate inventions, make people’s lives easier… and more fun. Every year, smartphone manufacturers present new devices with new features, more powerful, more technologically enhanced, and with more cameras on board.  
Feb 27
How Blockchain Can Deliver Value to Your Business
Blockchain technology is gaining popularity in various fields – from logistics to banking. Its popularity is due to its automation of processes and its ability to solve security problems within a network. Blockchain, with its decentralized network, is already being considered as a new alternative to traditional currencies, centralized banking services, and transaction methods. In particular, blockchain is a new way to manage and organize a business.
Feb 26
Economic growth and technological advancements contribute to people’s wellbeing and their ability to meet their needs. As we become more and more able to care for ourselves, society starts looking outward towards the care of all living creatures, big and small. One such example is our booming love for pets. Many people see their pets as an integral part of their families, like their own children, and try to give them the best lives possible. In a digital world, pet care becomes much easier when using pet care apps.  
Feb 19
How does IOT help with Heart Disease?
The Ways  IoT Medical Devices Can Fight Cardiovascular Diseases