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Aug 12
How to Develop a Decentralized Application on the Blockchain?
Effective and efficient business tools ensuring fast, safe and transparent transactions is one of great challenges in today’s digital world. Billions of people use billions of devices to come online and surf the web. The extensive growth of the web and the need to decentralize processes gave rise to a new model of building scalable and profitable applications, which became a new breed on the ring. These decentralized applications or Dapps do not belong to anyone, can’t be shut down by one person or even group of persons, and have no downtime.   How it can be?  
Jul 31
Why Is It So Important to Build Apps for Kids With Parental Controls?
The digitalization of the world has made computer and mobile apps an integral part of our lives/ They keep us informed, educate us, help us stay fit and healthy, as well as entertain us and our children. But, the picture may not be as rosy as it seems. There is growing recognition of the fact that young people, and especially children get overly obsessed with their mobile devices and apps.  
Jul 30
How to Build a Futures Trading Platform?
Trading systems are generally computer software programs which issue buy and sell signals based upon price, volume or other empirical data. By analyzing real-time price data and comparing such data to pre-set pattern recognition inputs, or by running said data through mathematical algorithms generally compiled by the system provider himself, trading signals are generated and then run through an auto-execute applet in order to effect the trades thus indicated.
Jul 29
The Importance of Healthcare Data Analytics in an EMR
Big data analytics, predictive analytics, data warehouses – you see all these buzzwords words every day in the media. They are often discussed with regard to finance and manufacturing, though data analysis is of primary importance in healthcare industry also.
Jul 25
Mobile technologies have changed a lot in the way companies do their businesses. This also applies to healthcare. Mobile apps gain popularity in the healthcare industry as they make life easier and help patients and doctors to get and provide better care.
Jun 30
Doctor Appointment app Development
Have you ever been stuck in a doctor’s waiting room for hours? Or have you had to wait long to get a doctor’s advice? We bet, you have. In today’s dynamic and digitalized world, people prefer booking doctor appointments online and, if it’s not an emergency or there is no doctor nearby, online consultations.  
Jun 29
Uber Health: Transportation App for Patients and Doctors
Today everybody knows what Uber is. For many people it became a good, and sometimes the only transportation alternative. The San Francisco based company operates in 83 countries and over 674 cities worldwide via Uber’s websites and mobile apps.  
Jun 20
Environmentalists have warned for many years that the development of the automotive industry, namely the yearly growing sales of cars with gasoline engines, causes irreparable harm to the environment and accelerates the destructive processes in our ecosystem (associated with global warming). That is why people from highly developed countries are trying in every possible way to minimize the consumption of fossil fuels.