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Feb 27
How to Use Predictive Analysis in Fleet Management?
Predictive analytics can be the right hand of fleet managers to help them proactively manage company fleets in the highly competitive automobile fleet industry. Big data, definitely one of the most popular buzzwords in the business world, is the technology coordinated activity beperation of all areas of the business to get insights applicable in fleet management.
Feb 21
How is 3D Printing Used in the Automotive Industry?
We live in a fast-paced time when everything can change in a wink. Electric cars and self-driving cars have already become a part of our lives, as well as cloud-to-car mapping systems and driver behavior monitoring systems which are valued by drivers and insurance companies alike.
Feb 16
IT Outsourcing in Healthcare [Checklist for Hospitals]
The need to provide quality care and to decrease costs are the key drivers of IT outsourcing in the global healthcare industry. Do you know how many IT healthcare services are outsourced?
Feb 13
Motion Design as a Key to Your Target Audience
 What is Motion design? Motion design (also Motion graphics or Animation design) is a form of modern art representing both graphic design and dynamic graphics elements. It is a relatively new though rapidly evolving art movement, created by the necessity of transferring exact thoughts to a target audience. At the era of technology, this field is in high demand due to its enchanting quality - delivering the key message to the recipient in a split-second and in an intelligible way.  
Jan 31
How to Start a Telehealth Business?
Telehealth businesses are gaining momentum in the USA and have already triggered changes in traditional healthcare systems. This has become possible as the industry has started using more technological advancements not only for research and treatment but also for doctor-patient interactions.
Jan 22
How to Develop a Personal Budgeting Application That Can Save Money
Fintech is thriving around the world, with startups and the big banks that can transform financial services, and make everyone a lot of money.  
Jan 17
Hospital Cybersecurity Checklist for 2018
Cybersecurity continues to be one of the top issues in almost every aspect of business where one deals with digital information. In 2017, the world economy faced a multitude of data breaches leading to substantial financial losses and loss of goodwill. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry was among the major targets for cyber fraud. Data breaches set new records every year, so it is possible we’ll see a new one in 2018.
Jan 15
Smart Hospital: What is It and How To Build Your Own Solution?
Smart Hospital: What Is It and How To Build Your Own Solution? The automation of the healthcare sphere is one of the most urgent and, perhaps, the most difficult tasks in the world. A huge amount of money is spent every year to solve it, but many problems and questions remain. The main issue includes proper interaction between various systems, especially the exchange of data at the municipal, regional, and federal levels.