“Archer Software” follows the CMMI process improvement approach. We’ve already covered level 3 of CMMI and have created our own processes inside the company which define our work on separate projects as well as our whole working style. Moreover, several major measures were taken to control and constantly enhance these processes: inside institutions were established and the optimization of processes was started (and will never end).

“Archer Software” is up to cover CMMI’s maturity level 4, which makes our products able to be measured by the highest standards.

The diagram above represents Archer Software's CMMI issue state.

In 2007 Archer began self-assessment using CMMI model to learn that nearly half of company's procedures correspond to Maturity Level 2 while others span through levels 0-1. Initial state of the company is represented by pale-red columns on the diagram.

By now (2011) Archer Software covers CMMI Maturity Level 3 with the most important processes reaching level 4. Blue columns show company's current state. Archer Software's target profile is represented by gradient white-red columns on the diagram and strives for the Level 5 of key procedures and processes.