Corporate Social Responsibility

Archer is the company built with people in mind both in regards to the employees, clients, and end-users of the software solutions we develop

Through a long history, we were always acting and making decisions analyzing not just short-term outcomes, but a potential long-term impact these decisions will have, putting all the efforts to keep our business and living environment eco-, social-friendly and preserving the importance of human rights.

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Archer Team's Projects

  • Children's Charity Programs
  • Maternity/Paternity Leaves
  • Gender equality in IT
  • Social Education
  • Shared electric vehicle
  • Pet-Friendly Initiatives
  • Dnipro IT Community
  • IT Ukraine Association
Children's Charity Programs
Children's charity programs

Corporate and employees charity program in partnership with “Doctor Clown” non-profit and “Pomogayem” charity foundation helping sick and abandoned children

Maternity/Paternity Leaves
Maternity Leave

Archer supports and provides equally available maternity and paternity leaves for female and male employees

Gender equality in IT
Gender Equality

Contributed and signed the memorandum with STEM Coalition Ukraine as one of 12 companies supporting gender equality in equal employment opportunities in the IT industry of Ukraine

Social Education
Social education

Internal education sessions within Archer Academy re social responsibility, digital hygiene, rights equality, personal finances and sex education for employees kids

Shared electric vehicle
Archer's eCar

Archer corporate vehicle used for developing internal software prototypes and shared for employees usage is a 0-emission electric vehicle

Pet-Friendly Initiatives
Pet-friendly office

Support Pet Friendly Place project (that unifies responsible pet-owners with pet-friendly offices, shops, cafes, and restaurants) and “Share Pet Care” initiative that helps city pet shelters

Dnipro IT Community
IT Dnipro community

Archer is one of the founders and active members of “Dnipro IT community” implementing social, tech and educational projects related to IT, partnering with regional government authorities and universities to create positive brand and environment in the region for foreign investments and business

IT Ukraine Association
IT Ukraine Association

Archer is also one of the oldest members of the “IT Ukraine” association that represents IT industry interests and related responsible regulations within Rada of Ukraine

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