"I would recommend Archer as a software partner, especially for projects with any significant scale and complexity."

"Not only has Archer been a terrific outsource developer, but they've become a true member of the Smartling family."

Jack Welde
Founder & CEO

"I feel that I have found a partner I could rely on and hope to work with Archer in the future."

"Archer's team always stands up to the challenge."

Boris Rakhlin
PM Director

“Даже выполняя небольшие задачи, команда Арчера способна решить внезапно возникшую серьезную проблему менее, чем за день. И это даже не в режиме аврала!”

"In every instance, I have found Archer Software to be competent, professional, and accommodating."

"I consider Archer to be an indispensable partner in my work, one that has added tremendous value to my business."

"You have a good team of people working at Archer-soft, and they do their best to make a satisfied customer.  Everything came to a satisfactory conclusion as I expected it would."

Bill Miller
Software Development Manager, Mobile Health One, Inc.

"Working with an organization that has a structured process in place has made outsourcing a painless process."

Jason Leach
Product Manager