Product Design

Value-driven consulting on designing the products that delight

Validating business model at an early stage through careful market research and designing the product to fit identified needs lay a solid foundation for any tech startup to succeed.

Profits follow those who manage to efficiently test the most concepts prior to MVP development, implement the business model that proved reasonable and execute the winning go-to-market strategy.

What we do

  • 01 Market analisys
  • 02 Competitors analysis
  • 03 Business model testing
  • 04 Gap analysis
  • 05 Solution design
  • 06 UI/UX design
01 Market analisys

Focus groups, surveys, research to reveal insights on market capacity, potential, the challenges your buyers face and features they crave

02 Competitors analysis

In-depth analysis of the competitive landscape to discover the market opportunities and outline value-added features

03 Business model testing

Assumptions identification and stress testing your ideas to pursue high-potential business model and secure investments

04 Gap analysis

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of your product’s current performance to identify shortfalls and unlock the desired potential

05 Solution design

Defining product concept, generating, validating and prioritizing definitive features list, use cases, and ultimate evolution roadmap

06 UI/UX design

Designing meaningful experiences and streamlined interaction models for users through prototyping, wireframes, etc

Why archer?

Archer has built and facilitated the launch of more than 500 B2B, B2C, and B2G products over the past 19 years.

This compiles the knowledge base of successes and failures no single entrepreneur can ever accumulate on his own.

Our Business Analysts team’s expertise includes thousands of man-hours

invested in solving the challenges across healthcare, automotive and fintech industries with cutting-edge technologies.

We’ve tested dozens of approaches to mix and match the finest practices of Product Design and Development

and help our high-tech clients to build, adapt, scale and optimize their products and processes, as well as performance and profits.

Hire us


  • Stage 1: Research and Analyse
  • Stage 2: Design
  • Stage 3: Measure
  • Stage 4: Test & Repeat
Stage 1: Research and Analyse
  • Identify business needs, assess and match them with the current state of your or competing products.
  • Conduct surveys and market research to discover and classify core business challenges and constraints of the idea, as well as additional opportunities.
  • Outline key business goals in SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).​​​​​​
Stage 2: Design
  • Build from scratch or adjust existing product design mapping the would-be features with the defined goals.
  • Enable traceability for every feature back to the business need to ensure a clear link to performance and profits.
  • Create prototypes, highlighting business and tech risks and potential bottlenecks.
Stage 3: Measure
  • Define the number of prototypes and product versions needed to test the core assumptions listed during the Design stage.
  • Define metrics that transparently match the goals and allow for qualitative and quantitative assessment of the gaps.
  • Plan the needed data types, data collection strategy, constraints, and data corruption risks.
Stage 4: Test & Repeat
  • Organize and coordinate testing of all the strategic assumptions through focus groups, surveys, observations, etc.
  • Circle back to Design step to adjust, improve, re-define your product using discovered insights.
  • Prioritize and create product evolution roadmap to shape a consistent and transparent framework for reaching core business goals.

Results we deliver:

Product mission and S.M.A.R.T goals

Target audience and market niche

Market penetration plan, growth and ROI strategy

Business level metrics

Delivery model description and high-performing team configuration

Strategic clarity on product constraints and capabilities

Success Stories


Innovative fleet management and driving quality measurement solutions including a tracking device installed in a car, a web platform and a mobile application

Degem Systems

Development of a computer-integrated laboratory for automotive training of the high-quality autotronics technicians of the major American automotive manufacturers


Multiple IT projects including development of the warehouse management system (WMS), salary review portal, car rental app, service and repair management module, etc.


Android application for Volvo clients allowing them to easier engage with the manufacturer and its dealers as well as stay in the loop of the company's updates

Phone And Pay

Development of the iOS and Android mobile applications for cashless parking offering an array of modern payment options for motorists throughout the U.K.


Pain and Sensory Evaluation Embedded Solution enables the innovative approach to neuro-diagnostic medical systems used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain

Tools and technologies

Idea Validation
Market analysis
Competitors analysis
Business model testing
Gap analysis
Solution design
UI/UX design
Methods and Approaches
Lean Startup
Google Design Sprints
Design thinking
Porter's Five Forces
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