Automated Farm Feeding System



Wivion is a Dutch company specializing in the automation solutions implementation in manufacturing and agriculture. Wivion is directly engaged in the development of automation equipment; Archer’s part is the software. Archer and Wivion have launched and still support over 10 projects automating farms, flower warehouses, welding production, cutting and drilling processes.

Challenge:  The project is a system that is used to control the feeding system on the pig farm. Feeding system consists of a number of feed places connected to silos with feed by the means of tubes. Our system allows controlling all these mechanisms.

Key objective of the system is to automate feeding system of the farm by enabling farmer easy control to feeding mechanisms.

The problem of necessity to feed pigs on the farm affects farmers. The impact of which is that sophisticated systems must be used for this purpose. A successful solution is creating of automated feeding system that is easy in use.


Archer Software developed the software to provide uninterrupted operations of feeding system. The farmer can setup and monitor the machine via a webinterface.

The total day consumption is calculated constantly and depends on the feeding system settings. The algorithm includes different feed methods with additive value, feeding components, after-drop calculation and correction.

Value delivered:

  • Farmer can manage receipts (proportion of ingredients and size of portion) for each feed place
  • Farmer can assign portions of feed to specific cells at specific time
  • Farmer can control additional farm mechanisms (i.e. shower) via the system.
  • Farmer can review reports of the feeding system work
  • Farmer can access system via PC and mobile phone.

Tools and technologies:

C#, ASP.Net, WPF