Building Effective Tools to Support and Promote Wellness Online Portal


SpaFinder, one of Archer’s enterprise-level customers, is a media, marketing and gifting company dedicated to the global spa marketplace. SpaFinder, the world’s largest online portal for spa industry, promotes well-being experiences through vertical search, magazines/directories, reservation technology and gift programs.



SpaFinder had multiple limitations for business growth. It had lack of up-to-date web technologies that play crucial role in being successful at the industry. Existing platform had sufficiently rigid design that did not allow necessary flexibility, IPhone Mobile App was out-of-date, and website needed new marketing tools.

Spa Finder management needed to be able to create and manage sets of single use promo codes.


Value delivered:

Archer became a long-term partner in development and support of the website and creating a new marketing toolkit that covered all customer’s needs.

In total, Archer has launched around 20 projects with SpaFinder. The largest are:

  • Web-based application for online purchase of spa-certificates - SpaWish project
  • Redesign of SpaFinder’s web-site
  • CMS works (adding new features, SEO, etc.);
  • Development of online-system selling certificates to be used in spa institutions around the globe


Value delivered

SpaFinder had more IT-needs than their IT dept. could possibly handle.

At the start of the project, Archer provided team of three people for SpaFinder project.

In 2011 Archer’s team created SpaWish (PCI compliant e-commerce solution; SEO; social integration).

Archer’s team at the project grew to 20 people. SpaFinder was able to expand and diversify its brand with the new powerful SpaWish web-app.

Tools and technologies:

  • JAVA
  • iOs