Computerized System for Neuro Diagnostic Device



Rimed is a medical company that developed Digital Transcranial Doppler (TCD), a comprehensive diagnostic solution for neurosonology or neurovascular labs. The system consists of hardware and software part.


Rimed needed a long-term software development partner to create up-to-date computerized system allowing doctors to examine blood vessels of the patient‘s brain. Archer should develop a new system and provide long-term support, fix all found bugs and implement new requested functionality.

Key Requirements:

Operating system should:

  • be customizable to provide its users just with the features they particularly need
  • provide the doctors possibility to get detailed report on patient’s study on the screen or printed
  • save monitoring study into database and then load it

Key features::

System based on a PC computer running Windows XP Embedded as the operating system was developed.

The system is designed in a modular manner to support three different “levels” of TCS equipment (Unilateral, Bilateral and four-probe)

On one end, there is an entry-level system (Unilateral), which will use entry-level hardware and support the basic functionality. On the other end, there is the high-end system with high-end hardware and maximal software capabilities.

Key peculiarity – the system is user friendly, that make user’s journey comfortable and easy. It includes:

  • Touch Screen – directly operated from the LCD screen
  • Handy Remote Control
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

Value delivered:

  • Archer delivered the advanced system modules and provided reliable support, improved stability of the system and minimized bug appearance
  • New up-to-date system interface developed by Archer team attracted a lot of new customers to Rimed
  • Project management, QA services and development have been at Archer’s side for 5 years
  • 3 different systems are supported by Archer now
  • Rimed and Archer now plan to create a new device type.

Tools and technologies:

  • embedded,
  • .NET ,
  • C,
  • C++,
  • Verilog