Warehouse, Fleet and Service Management


Renault Group is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world with headquarters in Paris, France. Renault manufactures traditional cars and vans as well as electric cars.


Renault Group invited Archer Software to develop a warehouse management system (WMS) tailored to their needs. The cooperation was extended to supporting multiple IT projects within the company that required additional data and human resources and building several applications.



Application 1: Warehouse Optimization

The developed component of the existing WMS allows for searching and assigning optimal storage space for cars within the wholesale distribution warehouse. It optimizes the process of finding storage space, thereby minimizing the costs of storage and handling operations.

Value Delivered

Archer Software implemented the warehouse optimization application at the Renault Ukraine and Renault Russia corporate departments. It proved to be highly efficient for managing warehouse capacities, optimizing routes and improving the entire supply chain performance.

Project features:

  • Storage Planning System based on a user's criteria
  • Workload and Task Management System
  • Logistics Management Module
  • Equipment Maintenance System
  • Accounting Module
  • Reports Module

Application 2: Salary Review Portal

The application simplifies managing salary increasing, transfers, etc., depending on the grade, with validation and notifications.

Value Delivered

The application allows customers to automate and accelerate the review of requests and updates. The transparency of the process minimizes human errors.

Application 3: Car Rental

The application allows customers to order service cars based on brand and configuration, with validation and notifications.

Value Delivered

The well-established automated process has benefited the budget due to more accurate processing of users’ needs. It enables more precise predictions of the fleet load and minimizing the equipment downtime risks, accordingly.

Application 4: E-Gate

The fourth application includes E-Gate, a courier delivery accounting, and tracking portal.

Value Delivered

The application allows users to form delivery documents records of and monitor package status. It makes it easy for mobile clients to access and receive information. Archer Software developed better logistic planning and as a result, the client was able to reduce delivery costs.

Application 5: Taxi App

Through the application, users can specify a taxi and the route, as well as see details about the passenger or driver. The application has validation and notification functions.

Value Delivered

The application has benefited the budget through more accurately addressing users’ needs and more thoroughly predicted costs.

Application 6: Unified Technical Service

The sixth application is a separate service for a single Renault ERP. It consists of 4 modules – welding, painting, warehouse, and mechanical repair shop (MRS). Each module allows users to create requests for the corresponding type of work, with validation and notifications.

Value Delivered

As a result of the project, the client benefited from automation and more accurate accounting. The application also allows for improved planning.

Application 7: Maintenance breakdown report (MBR)

MBR, a separate module for a single Renault ERP, is a system that allows users to create claims about breakdowns that caused an incident, with all the necessary information about the case and actions to prevent further issues. It also provides validation and notifications.

Value Delivered

The application provides automation in keeping track of the incidents, as well as improvements in planning, and gathering data for further analysis and better breakdown prevention.

Tools and Technologies

  • C# 2012 with ASP.NET 4.5
  • Web service
  • jQuery
  • MS SQL 2012
  • Less & CSS
  • DevExpress 17.1
  • MS SQL 2008