HIPAA-Compliant Communications Platform


Mobile Health One, Inc. (MHO), based in New York, is a national healthcare communications technology company.


How to improve workflow productivity of healthcare professionals within and between the organizations?

Healthcare companies needed an online communication platform allowing healthcare professionals and their patients securely communicate with other professionals or groups of professionals simultaneously and easily share the information, data and images.

MHO needed a reliable development partner with a broad technology skills range, able to develop and support high-availability systems and respond instantly to end-users needs, with the aim of providing the best patient care.

Project features:

Archer developed MDChat - mobile, on-demand HIPAA-compliant  application designed for healthcare professionals.  It offers them secure, point-to-point, real-time access to other healthcare professionals – physicians, nurses, support staff and administrators – via any computer or mobile device.

Value delivered:

  • Archer built MDChat Platform from scratch in mid-2012. Today both web and mobile (iOS/Android) applications have been launched.
  • Cost effective outsourcing model helped MHO to save $300K to date
  • Among MDChat's clients, there are the biggest US healthcare organizations.
  • Archer’s team of 15 engineers has become a true “development arm” of MHO serving as offshore IT department and providing the system with 24/7 net support.


Tools and Technologies:

  • tech: Objective-C, Apple Cocoa Touch native frameworks, REST web services, sqlite, java, ndk, android-sdk, socket io
  • tools: Xcode, Git, Testflightapp, Telerik Test Studio for iOS,  eclipse, adt plugin, android-sdk, gimp, mercurial
  • libs: RestKit, MagicalRecord, PSTCollectionView, SocketRocket, QuickDialog, DCIntrospect,  SDWebImage, actionbarsherlock, simplecontentprovider
  • technologies: sqlite, java, ndk, android-sdk, socket io, l8n, REST web services, Fragments, ActionBar, big screens adaptation, Holo UI