Medication Influence Tracking App

Beyond the Hospital

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How to monitor medication effect on the patient out of hospital?

 – That was Archer’s customer challenge. Doctors often give patients special paper forms to track their feelings during the medication period. Later on doctors need to collect somehow all the paper forms for further analysis and changes in medication program. Doctors need to enable patients to track their conditions on the go without frequent, costly interventions.

Key requirements to the product: user friendly, customizable, available at Apple store

Project features:

Medwatch - iOS app that provides patient with helpful services:

  • defining the tracking parameters to record
  • monitoring patients feeling and medication doses
  • setting reminders for medication taking, record time of actual taking
  • generating reports (graphs and logs)
  • sending reports to doctor via email
  • providing login/password logic to secure patient’s medicine data

Value delivered:

  • Archer developed an iPhone application that is very helpful for doctors as well as patients to monitor effects of newly prescribed medication.
  • App is easy to use and helps not to forget to take medication and track the results
  • It saves time on hospital visits to both the doctor and the patient, and the doctor receives accurate information in a timely manner

Tools and technologies:

  • iPhone xcode SDK