Non-Profit Microsaving Web App



EARN is a national nonprofit that sparks financial capability and prosperity for low-income working Americans. The organization’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty for low-wage workers by helping them save and invest in their futures. As the nation's leading microsavings provider, EARN provides families with the tools to build wealth and achieve life-changing goals such as saving for emergencies, college, buying a first home, or starting a small business.

The Challenge:

EARN is undertaking the next phase on the development of its micro-saving Web application and associated Websites, Web applications and Web services. EARN’s most pressing business goals include:

  • Continuing to optimize the web application and websites to increase the number of clients converting to use our products and services
  • Creating custom builds and building out enhanced features to accommodate specific partner/pilot requests, including an administrative portal for partners
  • Integrating our systems with other organizations’ APIs
  • Evaluating and improving our existing database structure and design
  • Improving data access for relevant stakeholders, including internal staff and external partners
  • Maintaining systems to ensure dependability and security
  • Launching a mobile app version of the product in IOS and Android


Archer Software provides a team of qualified engineers to deliver the project. Lead Technical Architect manages system design, makes technological decisions and provides technical guidelines and specification to the development team.


  • EARN’s Web applications are built using Python and the Django framework with an asynchronous part written with Aiohttp framework.
  • The applications are hosted on Amazon Web Services.
  • The application system is built using REST API.
  • As a FinTech application, the SaverLife is entirely secure, using HTTPS, encrypted data and following the OWSAP standards.
  • Archer’s team follows the agile project management approach and Scrum and uses Jira and Confluence OnDemand for planning, requirements and issue tracking.
  • Quality is preserved by combining high unit-test coverage and manual testing.
  • High-frequency delivery (a few times a week) is being done with the help of GitFlow and automated creation of test instances with the selected code on demand.


Value delivered:

  • Over the last couple of years, Archer has built numerous custom products and deep integration with 3rd party services to collect comprehensive data about users.
  • Now the system processes requests from 137000 users and dozens of millions transactions.
  • As the amount of user data grows, the development team started straggling from long-running operations and moving towards asynchronous operations using Aiohttp framework.
  • Currently, Archer’s team uses webhooks and async methods for the most complex integrations, like receiving user bank transactions, sending email notification, etc.


Tools and Technologies:

AngularJS 7.1 / Python 3.6 / Django / Aiohttp / PostgreSQL