OBD2 Pluged-In Diagnostic Module


The project included the development of a diagnostic module that plugs directly into the OBD2 device and allows tracking, analyzing and investigating vehicles’ Engine Control Module information


ATV-Link needed a reliable software partner to develop an application that allows tracking, analyzing and investigating vehicles’ information from an ECM (Engine Control Module). 

The application tracks 5 vehicle indicators:

  • Scan for diagnostic codes
  • Speed
  • Tach
  • Throttle Position
  • Temps

Application features

  • Connects to any vehicle that uses OBD2
  • Uses a Wi-Fi OBD II adapter to connect to OBD2 engine management
  • Shows your trip, data from vehicle sensors (vehicle speed, fuel level, engine coolant temperature, etc.) 
  • Shows the location and route
  • Records all trip data
  • Customizable dashboard with sensors
  • "Group ride" feature – competition trip with friends in a real time


Value delivered

The application shows how the car moves, all its characteristics and route. In the future, the data can be used for parental control, for calculating insurance premiums, and controlling the movement of a vehicle fleet.


Tools and Technologies

  • Swift