Peer-to-Peer Safety iOS/Android Apps

Musketeer personal safety network

Musketeer app revolutionizes personal safety.  Utilizing today's most advanced technologies, Musketeer aims to make society safer by enabling peer-to-peer help anywhere at any time. The Musketeer app is for the community, the Musketeer philosophy is for everyone. Smarter cities, informed companies, and united peoples, building a safer world for everyone in it.


Musketeer and Archer made an agreement to develop a new version of the system from scratch, based on existing experience and feedback from the previous version, which brings people an enhanced communication experience and tracking of their current location by other musketeers and EMS.

Solution: the system is a social network, which includes several types of users to assure that they are as secure as possible. Mobile applications (iOS/Android) are used by musketeers, which are people who help and sometimes need some help. Musketeer system provides customers an account in its control center console (aka 3C). 3C account allows managing an area and/or a group of musketeers. For example, the village control center can receive all incidents related to the citizens or other musketeers in the village area. And also the web-console provides supervisor features for Musketeer company staff to be able to help people if no one else in the nearby area is available.

Value delivered:

  • Updated User registration scenario
  • Emergency creation
  • Chat in an emergency with multimedia features such as recording/uploading audio or video messages
  • Map with real-time position of the requester and responders
  • Training mode
  • Musketeer ranks
  • Control center console


Tools and technologies:

  • Backend: symfony, doctrine, nodejs, sockjs, redis, capistrano, capifony, phpunit, rabbitmq, twig, mongodb, mysql, Java
  • Android mobile:  java, android sdk, push notifications
  • iOS mobile:  objective-C, apple sdk, push notifications
  • Web: Backbone, jQuery, Bootstrap, Socks.js