Chronic Illnesses Tracking App

Chronic Wellness Tracker



Chronic Wellness Tracker is a self-management application for people who are challenged with chronic illness.


How to make symptoms progress monitoring simple & efficient?

Many chronic deceases can be controlled and the quality of patients’ lives can be improved if people keep track of their decease symptoms. It helps to be well prepared for the doctor’s appointment and get more precise and accurate prescriptions. Based on generated reports caregivers will be able to correlate treatment according to patient’s needs.


Manually it is hard to do such symptoms monitoring, so both patients and their doctors needed simple online care management application.


Archer’s mission was to develop web-based application that would encourage patients to keep track on their symptoms dynamics and to show it to their doctors. Patients should be able to register online, add symptom value, leave and edit comments in the form with symptoms.

Value delivered:

  • App has a great success among users
  • The application is enabled with all required up-to-date features that make it convenient for patients to use on a daily basis
  • The symptom state can be evaluated by 1-5 scale (worse – better)
  • The progress and dynamics can be viewed on the graph chart and printed for the appointment.

Tools and technologies: PHP, Drupal 7