RFC-Compliant Authentication Solution


IDshield is a strong authentication business solution developed by Safe3W company (became a part of iPass Inc. later). Not only did the company have this product, but they also investigated how to reach the market with reduced development cost. The only thing they needed was a trustworthy partner and a number of strategically-important integration projects to be implemented.


Safe3W partnered with Archer Software for the custom implementation of RADIUS server.

Project features:

Archer Software completed over 10 R&D projects for IDshield’s 360° integration

  • one of the first results was IDshield’s full RFC compliance
  • IDshield was connected with CISCO’s services and got its own customizing settings in Win XP
  • IDshield became the world’s leading authentication solution
  • popular remote security vendor iPass decided to include IDshield technology platform in iPass solution
  • The entire solution including the critical parts written by Archer was highly evaluated by iPass engineers
  • iPass made Safe3W their own part (Oct.2004) and was later working with Archer on several projects.