Route Management for Service Coverage


Project: Cantaloupe Seed Pro, vending machine software development

Cantaloupe Systems is a provider of cloud-based, mobile technology solutions for the vending industry businesses.

Challenge: To enable vending companies to optimize and automate the Route Management of the trucks that supply and maintain vending machines.

Key requirements for the system:

  • optimize truck routes
  • optimize the process of refilling the vending machines
  • detect breakdowns of vending machines
  • optimize supply for vending machines
  • schedule visits for repair service
  • control transactions


Cantaloupe Systems invited Archer Software to develop Seed Pro – a powerful data analytics tool that aggregates the data from the vending machines and provides operators with instructions for:

  • which machines to visit
  • which products to replenish
  • which planogram to be implemented
  • which machines to put under repair

The solution consists of two components:

  • The sensors installed in the vending machines. The sensors track parameters and wirelessly transfer the data to the manager.
  • The BI app software that can be accessed from a laptop or any mobile device.

Key features

Archer Software developed a vending route management software - a web solution that performs the following features:

  • Seed Scheduling: Automatically prioritizes which machines need to be serviced and creates schedules based on real-time demand.
  • Seed Pre-Kitting: Saves time and money by knowing exact quantities of items that need replenishing for each machine, making each machine service visit a one-trip process. With reduced inventory, trucks weigh less, also saving money on gas.
  • Intelligent Merchandising: Optimizes planograms of individual machines.
  • Price Management: Compares desired prices to actual at-machine prices, and manages by exception to find and fix incorrect prices.
  • Bill/Coin Jam Detection and No-Sales Tracking: Identifies machines with bill jams, coin jams, and jammed columns and sends alerts to the operator.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Protects against theft, power outages, etc., and sends real-time alerts via email or SMS.
  • Par Level Optimization: Adjusts par levels to prevent out of stocks, reduce spoils, and extend service intervals.
  • Inventory Scheduler: Controls how often drivers must take machine inventory to balance inventory accuracy with driver efficiency.
  • Micromarket Integration:  Market sections (e.g., drinks vs. food) can be managed separately and can be split across routes.

Value delivered

Cantaloupe Systems has expanded its partnership with Archer Software who gained experience in vending software development. Archer Software created four main vending machine route management software for Cantaloupe – Seed 2 (Aeon), Seed Root, Seed Management,  and Seed Sync – as well as 20 service projects including DB backup manager, DB version manager, and Web Commander.

Cantaloupe Systems has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the USA. Around 80,000 machines spread all over the world are managed by Cantaloupe Systems solutions.

Tools and Technologies

  •  .NET framework 2.0 & 3.5;
  • ajax,
  • web technologies.
  • mssql 2000,
  • SQL,
  • Transact-SQL