Set of agricultural solutions




Wivion is a Dutch company specializing in the automation solutions implementation in manufacturing and agriculture. Wivion is directly engaged in the development of automation equipment; Archer’s part is the software. Archer and Wivion have launched and still support over 10 projects automating farms, flower warehouses, welding production, cutting and drilling processes.


2007: Wivion starts collaborating with Archer, launching several projects.


  • FeedingSystem project is constantly upgraded and implemented at over 10 large farms
  • PillowPlate, ProWork and AWS projects are implemented on several enterprises
  • PlantWarehouse project is being finished: software is complete, equipment is almost ready
  • Wivion has increased its staff
  • the client compliments Archer’s team for always staying within the reach
  • Archer’s and Wivion’s teams are in constant contact: online and offline