Webservice for Photo Sharing


ZangZing is a Ruby-on-Rails website for photo sharing. Users can create albums, add pictures, and share with friends. In addition to uploading pictures directly from their computers, users will be able to import photos they have already uploaded to other services, like Flickr and Kodak Galleries.


ZangZing started as a startup with 3 people’s team on Archer’s side

Value delivered:

2011: – the team features “star” Ruby-on-Rails developer

  • the team commands high loyalty to the client (proved during couple hectic rushes)
  • successfully released, the project is now being supported and upgraded
  • all the quality assurance is done on Archer’s side (including auto-testing)
  • client sympathizes with the team, gladly participating in the team’s life
  • there has been several publications by now about ZangZing in the popular online editions: