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Senior React Native Developer

On-Demand advertising platform on early stage, Currently in closed beta. Nearest market to launch - Great Britain
We connect sellers and buyers but in a kind of extraordinary way! Our platform is buyer-centric, so he\she can see only relevant propositions and all of them should be payed by seller. Moreover, Buyer earns money when he watch propositions from sellers. Application uses geolocation, will be integrated with cryptocurrency and blockchain. You will work on Sellers' application mostly, in skilled, talented and proficient team-mates. You will have the ability to mentor new team-mates later on.


  • Technology stack - React Native.
  • Required experience with: StyledComponents, Redux, Jest, WebSockets, Xcode and Android studio experience, mobile development
  • Core development team based mostly in Dnipro with remotes.
  • Team - 2 RN dev, 1 Back-end, 1QA, 1PM, NetOps.
  • Location - Dnipro (highly desirable), Kyiv, Remote. We prefer a person working in office.
  • Full-time work, Product development, no end-date.
  • Customer from a fairy tale - lets us use approaches we want to improve dev process.
  • Development environment with QA automation pipelines, Automated deploy and AppCenter as a cloud testing platform.
  • Info: https://www.linkedin.com/company/wby/about/


  • 5+ year of general SW development
  • Strong React Native cross-platform development experience 2+ years
  • Excellent problem solving skill
  • Passionate about writing a great piece of software
  • A great team player. This position requires working with others closely
  • Experience to work with legacy code (We are not THAT bad, but we have some legacy pieces, good news that we already are on the newest versions of RN and libs we use)
  • Responsibility for delivery of your piece of work
  • Proactive attitude in improvement proposals

For remote workers

  • All-day online
  • All-day availability
  • Excellent communication skills and no-procrastinating, pro-active communications approach so team will have no concerns having remote team-mate.

Big Plus

  • Experience with Frontend modern frameworks
  • Docker, Jenkins, Swagger, TypeScript, Kubernetes, CI/CD
  • Microservice architecture design
  • Experience with devOp, AWS or any other cloud services
  • Experience with Blockchain (Stellar, ETH)

Ольга Шмиголь