Archer's Project - Pain and Sensory Evaluation System

Pain and Sensory Evaluation System


Medoc needed a reliable software development team to deliver and advance the top-notch embedded software for neuro-diagnostic medical devices used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain that the company manufactures.

Medoc develops a number of devices such as:

  • TSA-II – NeuroSensory Analyzer, a precise, computer-controlled device capable of generating and documenting response to highly repeatable thermal and vibratory stimuli, such as warmth, cold, heat-induced pain, cold-induced pain or vibration.
  • The AlgoMed – Computerized Pressure Algometer is the first software-based computerized Algometer to offer real-time visual and auditory feedback to control and monitor applied pressure rates.
  • Q-Sense / Small-fiber Test is a portable, easy-to-use and affordable system for a clinic, clinical research and pharmacologic trial use.

The key requirements to development included on-time delivery, user-friendly interface, easy-to-manage team, and cost-effective solution.

Archer's Clients - Medoc

Leading developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain based on technologies that test and evaluate the function of small and large peripheral sensory nerve fibers – an important value added tool for the burgeoning pain management market


Being partners of over 12 years, Archer’s remote team has been working with onsite Medoc’s engineers in a very close connection to create a unique integration of low level and front-end software for a brand new medical device and a unified platform for all implemented Medoc’s devices.

Outsourcing software development to Archer saved Medoc ~$500K. Medoc was able to expand its product line and therefore to reach a highly competitive position on the market.

User-friendly client application interface to make the medical device easy to use on a daily basis
Unique integration of low level and front-end software for a medical device
Software modules for microcontrollers development
Updating the software for hand-made drawings
Enabling the software to be FDA approved, certified by CSA and be CE marked to EN-60601-1 International Safety Standard
System controlling devices operations and connection between Thermal Control Unit (TCU) and two types of active devices called Thermodes

Success stories

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