Archer's Project - Software for portable hematology analyzer

Software for portable hematology analyzer


Pixcell has been developing a HemoScreen 200 analyzer - a portable, automated hematology instrument intended for use in clinical laboratories, and for point-of-care hematology determinations in physician offices or by healthcare professionals in hospital settings.

They needed an outsourcing partner to develop new and engaging UX/UI, changing the current one following the user flow and provide interaction between hardware and touchscreen.

    Archer's Clients - Pixcell Medical

    Developer, producer, and marketer of the portable medical diagnostic products for point-of-care testing that are based on its innovative Viscoelastic Focusing (VEF) technology and single-use cartridges enabling rapid, accurate and simple blood sampling and analysis


    The system consists of 3 parts:

    • hardware driver,
    • controller for communication with driver via USB,
    • cross-platform PC application.


    Point of care complete blood count (CBC) system enable rapid, accurate and simple blood sampling and analysis
    Core module written in C++, responsible for scenario management, process control, HW operation, algorithms, etc.
    .NET UI Layer allows interacting with this core module through a built-in touch screen

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