Archer's Client - Mulesoft

Platform for designing and building APIs and integrations


Mulesoft has been facing the challenge of finding and retaining good frontend developers to work on the AnyPoint Platform - a tool for easy designing and building the integrations of various software solutions and APIs.

Mulesoft had a talent shortage and needed a team augmentation partner who wouldn't just staff the team, but would be deeply involved in the company's processes and understand goals during the whole project duration. They needed a company that could be flexible providing the high-performing developers with specific tech skills, profound knowledge of the React and Angular frameworks, and motivated to go the extra mile in their performance.

Archer Software has been hired to deliver the augmentation and provide managerial support for the team to work on the UI components and migration of the platform to the Angular framework.

Read full review by Former VP of Engineering at MuleSoft

Archer's Clients - Mulesoft

MuleSoft is the world’s #1 integration and API platform that makes it easy to connect data from any system to create connected experiences, faster


Archer's development team has unified the UI components library and implemented it across the integrations platform, as well as had the platform being migrated from React to Angular.
The team consisted of 13 frontend developers, 4 Quality Assurance and test automation engineers, and 2 Project Managers working closely with different teammates in San Francisco and Argentina.

Moving existing UI that was written in an older version of the Angular framework to a new version of the React framework
Maintenance and support of the mature parts of the platform
Developing modules of the platform from scratch, creating a new codebase and evaluating the technology
Fast recruitment, onboarding and retaining of the required IT talents depending on the scope and specifics of tasks

Our clients say

Something that impressed me was their ability to respond to various talent needs quickly. The reason we were doing team augmentation was that we were really struggling to find talent in the Bay Area. The team was elastic and was able to respond to the changes around team size based on the workload. They were always flexible when it came to staffing.

In fact, I’m working with them now and they’ve become a long-term partner for me.

Soren Harner, VP of Engineering, MuleSoft
Soren Harner

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