Archer Project - Semi-robotic platform enabling online participation in offline lotteries

Semi-robotic platform for online participation in offline lotteries


By Israel law, lotto player needs to have an actual hard copy of the ticket, while all online participation in lotto is prohibited. And LottoSend wanted to develop a website and a mobile app as a workaround that would allow for online participation in Israel lotto games.
The idea was to have a back-office to buy actual tickets per clients' requests using lotto kiosks. Then back-office operators would scan the ticket they bought and attach to the user cabinet. Therefore, LottoSend needed very specific printing/scanning equipment and a website with a powerful admin component allowing to set commissions, manage tickets, create complex reports, manage payments, etc.
Archer has become the technology partner in the project undertaking the development of special apps integrated with both the equipment and the website.

Archer Client - Lottosend

Global lottery messenger service that offers a simple, fun way to participate in the biggest & most popular official licensed lotteries in the world, such as the American Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions and others


Archer’s team focused on achieving LottoSend business objectives, which guaranteed exceeding expected delivery quality and ensured enduring value. Archer flexibly adapted engagement models and offered cost-effective solutions to foster the project’s success.
The lottery is extremely popular in Israel and, currently, the app serves more than 100,000 players. The system handles about 80K lottery tickets per month and this figure is naturally growing by 10-15% every month.

Developed and supported a website and iOS mobile app for users, a web admin panel and .NET app for operators and admins
Unique printing/scanning hardware for office operators to scan and process the tickets bought in offline kiosks
Semi-robotic printing and scanning of the lottery tickets at a rate of 1.2 seconds per card, automatically analyzing data, defining the winners and prizes, performing payments, and notifying users about results
Drupal backend enabling powerful features for administrator to set commissions, manage tickets, aggregate reports, perform transactions, etc.
Fully scalable system in the AWS S3 fuse, RDS and Gluster services built for future auto-scale

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